Girls Varsity Volleyball · Eagleville team camp affirms progress of Lady Bulldog Volleyball team

Attendance at the annual Eagleville Team Camp is a long time tradition of Smyrna Volleyball.  It’s a useful opportunity, to come back from dead period, practice for a week and a half, and then jump into competition.  It sets the tone for the season.

Last year Eagleville Team Camp was a learning experience; we played ten matches in three days, walked away 5-5, and scored 20 points more than our opponents.  This past week though, Eagleville Team Camp was more of an affirmation. We are not defined by our reputation or history; we have matured; our common goal is our highest priority; hard work will pay off.  This week Smyrna Volleyball played ten matches in three days, walked away 10-0, and scored 141 points more than their opponents.

Central Magnet 23-25, 25-16, 15-11 1-0
Lawrence County 25-22, 18-25, 15-13 2-0
Columbia Academy 25-17, 25-14 3-0
Coffee County 25-6, 25-17 4-0
Summertown 25-22, 25-12 5-0
Grundy County 25-16, 25-10 6-0
Eagleville 25-22, 25-7 7-0
Central Magnet 23-25, 25-14, 15-13 8-0
Lawrence County 25-14, 18-25, 15-10 9-0
Lawrence County 25-22, 25-23 10-0

Head coach Valerie Vied added:

“Team Camp allows us informally discover some of our weaknesses before our season begins. We certainly have goals and key aspects of both our defense and offense to work on, but our experience at Eeagleville Team Camp exposed far more strengths than weaknesses.

A lot of our power and consistency on the court can be attributed to commitment from our athletes.  When an athlete only plays school volleyball, she practices for two months and competes for two months.  Commitment to a club team means three additional months of practicing and four months of competition against teams from all over the southern region.  Our athletes showed up this summer with stronger techniques, refined execution, increased mental toughness, and additional skills; and we haven’t stopped pushing to get stronger.

In 2017, Summertown High School beat us with a 9 point difference; this year, we defeated them with a 16 point difference.  Last year, we beat Coffee County by a 6 point margin but beat them by a 27 point margin this year.  Last season, when we faced Central Magnet High School, we lost by 12 points; this week, we played two matches against Central and amassed an additional 24 points.  Last year, our toughest competitor Lawrence County played us twice and outscored us by 38 points, but this year, we faced them three times, and outscored them by 26 points.  We are stronger—physically and mentally—than previous years.”

The Lady Bulldogs look to start 2018 off strong and we can’t wait to watch! Good luck ladies!